Helpful Hints

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  • When using a rope as an outdoors handrail, wait until the rope arrives before drilling any holes in wooden posts to ensure you use the correct diameter drill.
  • To finish off the rope at the end of a handrail, simply drill the last wooden post, pass the rope through it and tie it in a granny knot.
  • To seal the end of a synthetic rope, after cutting gently pass it over a candle or cigarette lighter. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  • To order various lengths of the same rope, order up the total length and then contact us afterwards with the breakdown.
  • Cat Scratch Posts. To calculate the length (l) of rope you need, measure the height (h) in milimetres, divide it by the rope diameter (d)in milimetres, multiply by the circumference (c) in milimetres, finally divide by 1,000. This will give you the length you need in metres. h ÷ d x c ÷ 1000 = l